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Facts about Naudh Singh Shukarchakia’s life

Naudh Singh was the son of Sardar Budha Singh.Buddha Singh was died in the year 1716. On his death. Later on Naudh SIngh being the ancestor of the Sandhanwalia Sardars of Raja

Facts about Karora Singh Karorasinghia’s life

Krora Singh was the successor of the Karam Singh. Later on Karora Singh captured and added many territories to his possessions. These territories includes Hariana and Sham Churasi. Karora Singh also collected

Facts about Karam Singh Karorasinghia’s Life

Karam Singh was the nephew of Sham Singh. Karam Singh was also the derah member. Karam Singh become the successor of Sham Singh after his death in the year 1739. The misel

Facts about Sham Singh Karorasinghia’s life

Sham Singh who was a Sandhu Jat. His village was Narli but he was dissatisfied with the mughals behavior. So he left his village and he joined the force of Kapur Singh

Facts about Dan Singh Brar’s life

Dan Singh was born in a village named Mahima Sarja. He was a Brar Jatt of that village. Dhan Singh joined the Brars contingent with his son. Guru Gobind Singh Ji raised

Facts about Ajit Kaur’s Life

Ajit Kaur was also known as Jito Ji. The facts are not clear about her birth and even about her mother name. Ajit Kaur was the daughter of Hari Jas. She was

Facts about Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Life

Bhai Gurdas was born in Govindwal in the year 1551. This is the site where 84 steps sacred well is established. After 1 year of his birth, Guru Angad Dev Ji got

Facts about Bibi Nanaki’s Life

Everyone knows the name of Bibi Nanki. She was Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s elder sister. She was born in the village Chahal. The name Nanki was given to her by her maternal

Facts about Mai Ji’s life

At the time of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, a very old and poor woman lived in the Danapur village that was about 12 miles from Patna in Bihar. In the history achual

Facts about Makhan Shah’s life

Makhan Shah was a ship merchant and a trader of the 17th century.His father name was Naaik Daasae Shah.  He was of the Lubana Clan from village Tanda. In the year 1660, they

Facts about Bhai Mardana’s Life

Mardana was born in the year 1459 in the Talwandi village. His father name was Badra and mother was Lakkho. His parents were Muslims bards of the Mirasi lineage. Mirasi’s were called

Facts about Mata Khivi’s life

Mata Khivi was the wife of Second Guru Angad Dev. She was the only Sikh women whose name is mentioned in the scripture of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Following are some facts