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Nadir Shah – Muslim Warrior

Nāder Šāh Afšār or Nadir Shah also known as Nāder Qoli Beg or Tahmāsp Qoli Khān August 6, 1698 – June 19, 1747) ruled as Shah of Persia (1736–47) and was one

Osman Gazi – Muslim Warrior

Ertuğruloğlu Osman Gazi, sometimes transliterated in the past as Othman or Ottoman or Atman and nicknamed “Kara” (“dark” in Turkish), was the leader of the Ottoman Turks and the founder and namesake

Hyder Ali Khan – Muslim Warrior

Hyder Ali Khan Haidarālī was the sultan and de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore in southern India. Born Hyder Naik, he distinguished himself militarily, eventually drawing the attention of Mysore’s

Imam Shamil – Muslim Warrior

Imam Shamil (pronounced “Shameel”) also spelled Shamyl, Schamil, Schamyl or Shameel (26 June 1797 – 4 February 1871) was an Avar political and religious leader of the Muslim tribes of the Northern

Razia Sultana – Muslim Warrior

Raziya al-Din, throne name Jalâlat ud-Dîn Raziyâ, usually referred to in history as Razia Sultana, was the Sultan of Delhi in India from 1236 to May 1240. Like some other princesses of

Muhammad bin Qasim – Muslim Warriors

‘Imād ad-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Qāsim ath-Thaqafī was an Umayyad general who conquered the Sindh and Multan regions along the Indus River (now a part of Pakistan) for the Umayyad Caliphate. He was

Mahmud of Ghazni – Muslim Warriors

Yamīn-ud-Dawla Abul-Qāṣim Maḥmūd ibn Sebüktegīn , more commonly known as Mahmud of Ghazni also known as Mahmūd-i Zābulī , was the most prominent ruler of the Ghaznavid Empire. He conquered the eastern

Tipu Sultan – Muslim Warrior

Tipu Sultan also known as the Tiger of Mysore, and Tipu Sahib, was a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. He was the eldest son of Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore. Tipu