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Hakim Ajmal Khan – Muslim Warrior

Ajmal Khan (or Hakim Ajmal Khan) (1868–1927) was an Indian physician specializing in the field of South Asian traditional Unani medicine as well as a Muslim Nationalist, politician and freedom fighter. Through

Ahmad Shah Durrani – Muslim Warriors

Ahmad Shāh Durrānī (c. 1722 – 16 October 1772), also known as Ahmad Khān Abdālī was the founder of the Durrani Empire and is regarded as the founder of the modern state

Bakht Khan – Muslim Warrior

Bakht Khan (1797–13 May 1859) was commander-in-chief of Indian rebel forces in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 against the East India Company. 1.Background Bakht Khan was a Pashtun related to the family

Abdul Hamid – Muslim Warrior

Company Quartermaster Havildar Abdul Hamid, PVC (1 July 1933 – 10 September 1965) was a soldier in the 4th Battalion, The Grenadiers of the Indian Army, who died in the Khem Karan

Jahangir – Muslim Warrior

Nur-ud-din Mohammad Salim, known by his imperial name Jahangir (Persian name) “conqueror of the world” (August 31, 1569 – November 7, 1627), was the fourth Mughal Emperor who ruled from 1605 until

Sher Shah Suri – Muslim Warrior

Sher Shah Suri was the founder of the Sur Empire in North India, with its capital at Delhi. An ethnic Pashtun, Sher Shah took control of the Mughal Empire in 1540. After

Humayun – Muslim Warrior

Humayun was the second Mughal Emperor who ruled over territory in what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of northern India from 1531–1540 and again from 1555–1556. Like his father, Babur, he

Chand Bibi – Muslim Warrior

Chand Bibi (1550–1599 CE), was a Muslim woman warrior from medieval India. She acted as the Regent of Bijapur (1580–90) and Regent of Ahmednagar (1596–99). Chand Bibi is best known for defending

Begum Hazrat Mahal – Muslim Warrior

Begum Hazrat Mahal, also known as Begum of Awadh, was the first wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. She rebelled against the British East India Company during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Muhammad Ahmad – Muslim Warrior

Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah, also known as The Mad Mahdi, was a religious leader of the Samaniyya order in Sudan who, on June 29, 1881, proclaimed himself the Mahdi (or Madhi),

Fakhri Pasha – Muslim Warrior

Fakhri Pasha or Fahreddin Pasha (1868 – 22 November 1948), known as Ömer Fahrettin Türkkan after the Surname Law of 1934, was the commander of the Ottoman army and governor of Medina

Omar Mukhtar – Muslim Warrior

Omar Al-Mukhtar Muhammad Ibn Farhat Bredan, known among the Colonial Italians as Matari of the Mnifa, was the leader of Cyrenaican Resistance against the Italian Colonization of Libya and a prominent figure