Shaheed Bhai Gurdial Singh Ji – 1978 Shaheed


Shaheed Bhai Gurdial Singh Ji was born in the year 1946 in Modai village at Amritsar. His parents were Bhai Sohan Singh Ji and Gulab Kaur Ji. His wife was Bibi Jagir Kaur and he had four children.

1.Early Life

From his childhood Bhai Sahib Ji was an amazing soul. Later on he completed his primary education from Attar Government school and then started helping at home in agriculture work.

2.Started doing AKhand and sehaj path free of cost

After some time he started doing Sehaj Path Abyas of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Then he also started akhand path abiyaas. When he become good in both then he started doing sewa of sehaj path and akhand path in his village and nearby places. He never took anything in return of this sewa. He then started going to Mehta and other places for Satsang.

3.Took Amrit in 1976

In the year 1976, Bhai Gurdial Singh Ji took Amrit from Bhindrawale Jatha. His wife was not ready at that time but later she agreed. Bhai Sahib Ji started his daily rehni behni as strict Sikh. He always wake up at amrit wela and started doing his nitnem which also include sukhmani sahib. He studies various religious books. He was reading ‘Gurmat Nirnai Bhandar’ at the time of his shaheedi.

4.Started preaching Sikhism

He started preaching Sikhism. Many Sikhs of his village were inspired to take amrit just because of him. He also started organizing all programs in Gurduaras and other religious events. Everybody who wants to organize any event used to take advice from him.

5.Visit Amritsar Sahib

Before the day of massacre Bhai Gurdial Singh went to holy city Amritsar to do Darshan of the Guru’s Darbar. He took bathe in Holy sarowar. On the day of Vaisakhi, he done ishnaan and his nitnem, then he went to Divaan at Manji Sahib. He decided to leave with gursikhs who went to protest and martyrdom when he was listening to kirtan.

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