Shaheed Bhai Dharambeer Singh – 1978 Shaheed


Shaheed Bhai Dharambeer Singh Ji was born in Delhi on 15th March 1953 . His parents name was Bhai Lal Singh and Baal Kaur. He was from the Sahowaal village in Pakistan.

1. About his family

His father and his two brothers started doing construction work at a young age. The three brothers used to go around the nearby villages for building work and they were fortunate to do the Sangat of Bhai Sahib Jawala Singh Ji in the village of Bhiki. This Gurmukh used to live in basic accommodation and constructed a very beautiful place for Guru Granth Sahib Ji where Amrit-Bani was read daily and pilgrims could get Langar and rest. Bhai Lal Singh and his smaller brother Bhai Gopal Singh were so influenced by the Granthis of the Gurdwara, Bhai Sobha Singh and Bhai Tarlok Singh, that they eventually decided to stay in the village (Bhiki) to continue building work.

2. Early Life

After 1947, Bhai Sahib Ji started living in Hoshiarpur. After sometime he move to Delhi then finally started his living in Amritsar. Here, a Gurduara was formed by Bhai Sobha Singh and sangat sewa was did by Bhai Tarlok Singh. At here both of them started Langar, Kirtan and Karah Prashad same like Bhikhi Gurduara Pakistan With Satguru’s Grace.

Atleast five families started living near this Gurdwara Sahib. They listened Kirtan and Nitnem everyday By meeting this Gursikh Sangat.  After some time Bhai Lal Singh and Gopal Singh started going to Akhand Kirtani Jatha Smagams. After Some time both bhai sahib took amrit with their families.


During the school education Bhai Dharambeer Singh took Amrit. He also took the religious exams of Shromani Committee . After tenth Class his life took a change in direction. After some time a home was made by both the brothers in Ajeet Nagar . Bhai Gopal Singh who was the smaller brother started a factory of kirpan making. Bhai Dharambeer Singh also took training for making kirpans from his uncle. Then he started a separate factory where he worked for five years.


At this time Bhai Dharambeer Singh also started attending Akhand Kirtani Jatha Smagams. He also took part in ishnaan sewa of Harmandir Sahib during the night. Where he used to listen kirtan every night and also interested to learn kirtan. He also took training for Harmonium and Tabla and had started to learn the Dilruba.

During that period many gursikh were used to come to him and he did much sewa that he can. if any gursikh need money he gave him from his side and never ask to give back.

Bhai Fauja Singh was the fast friend of Bhai Dharamber Singh Ji . They accompanied many times for religious causes. One time when some thugs showing disrespect to Guru Granth Sahib Ji at Guru ke Mehal, Bhai Dharambeer Singh took help of Bhai Fauja Singh to stop them. But there acid bottles and stones were attacked on Gursikhs and Bhai Dharambeer Singh Ji got arrested for 3 months.

Bhai Sahib attained Shaheedi at a young age. He was not married at that time.

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