Shaheed Baba Darshan Singh – 1978 Shaheed


Shaheed Baba Darshan Singh Ji was born at Nawan Vaironangal of Batala. His father name was Sardar Achher Singh. His age was above 65 years at the time of Shaheedi. He was very religious from his childhood. His parents were Amritdhari. Baba Darshan Singh Ji also took Amrit when he was ten year old. He did not get more education. But he was very bright at Gurmat education. He was an akhand paathi and Nitnemi.

He started doing Nitnem which includes Panj Banis, Asa Di Vaar and Sukhmani Sahib. He never married in his whole life. For about 20 years he lived in Cheleana Sahib. Here he took part in the one hundred and one Akhand Paaths done for Shaheeds .Then later on, two hundred and two Akhand Paaths were done for the Shaheeds at Kaleh village. He also stayed there and do sewa for about one and half year.

Later on he started living at the Gurdwara Guriana Sahib. This was the historical Gurdwara was of sixth guru situated at Vaironangal. At There he did a lot of sewa and stayed as a Granthi. Here he also teaches many peoples abut guru granth sahib ji and made them paathis. He would only eat Bebek food prepared by his own hands and always eat in Sarbloh (iron) bowl in his hands.

He doing sewa there for about 10 years then he moved to Dera Mehta. At here, he was appointed as jathedar of dera by sant  Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa . He continued this Sewa until his last breathe. He also used to give his pension to the Dera.


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