Shaheed Jathedar Amreek Singh – 1978 Shaheed


Shaheed Jathedar Amreek Singh Ji was born in the year 1957 in Kajala village of Amritsar. His mother was Harbhajan Kaur and father Kundan Singh. They were 6 brothers from which four are younger and 1 is elder.

1.Early life

In his childhood, he studied well and he completed his primary education. But after that he was not more interested in other studies. He was very much attracted towards Sikhism, Sikh history and Gurbani.

2. Dedicated towards humanity

He was a very compassionate soul and felt distressed Amrik Singh Ji was very warm hearted and he could not see the pain of needy people. He always gave those needy peoples money, cloths and other daily use things from his house. Even he never hesitates to give his own cloths that he wears. One time when he was doing sewa for sikh sangat and he got no money from his home. once when he was doing Sewa  and he had no money for this purpose he sold his gold ring and stared sewa again.

3. True devotee to Sikhism

Amrik Singh Ji was very devoted sikh. it is clearly seen through his daily routine. He always present in night kirtan. He always awake before amrit vela and it does not matter how late he slept in night. Then he left his all important works and present at Rehras diwan on time.

4. Strict in daily routine

Bhai Amrik Singh ji was very strict about Sikh rehni behni. He lived his daily life according to Sikh Rehat. He always do sikh sangat of gurmukhs or at Guru ji’s house. He eat in iron utensils and always keep his bata shining. He ask peoples to adopt Guru’s Panth. He wore simple gursikhi cloths even his family was well off. He never tolerate anybody who showed disrespect towards Guru Sahib.

5. Appointed as Jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib

At very young age, he was appointed as jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib. This is just because of his services done towards sikhism. Many people took amrit pahul just because of Bhai Amrik Singh’s sangat. When he was appointed as jathedar, he took amrit from here six years earlier.

6. On Vaisakhi day

On the Vaisakhi Day,As his daily routine, At amrit wela, Bhai Amreek Singh wake up and did Ishnaan and Nitnem. Then he went to meet Jathedar kala Singh in the Gurduara.After that He left his shoes there and take bath at the Holy Sarowar of Amritsar. Then walked around Akal Takht Sahib, did Shastars Darshan, thought about the Shaheeds and finally he did Ardaas that he is also ready to give Kurbani for his Guru and Sikh Panth. Then Amrik Singh Ji walked around the Nishaan Sahib and he was reading (Kaya kagad mun parwana Sir ke lek na parey Iana) parts of the Hukamnama.

7. He died as shaheed

When Amrik Singh Ji was going to Diwaan, He met with a Gurmukh who says him the “Singh of the Guru, today is the time for Kurbani, Guru Ji is in need of a head, you should also be present”. Then Bhai Amreek Singh walks towards the Guru’s Army. When he was on the way, he was about to drink water because he was very thirsty. At the same time, another Gursikh took the glass he is going to pick up. Then he did not care for water or langar or anything to put his shoes on, and went forward to offer Shaheedi. As he received bullets, he shouted out ‘Fateh’ and died a Shaheed.


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