Facts about Guru Ram Das Ji – The Forth Guru of Sikhs


Guru Ram Das Ji was the Forth guru of the Sikhs. Guru Ji was born at Chuna Mandi Lahore, Punjab. Guru Amar Das Ji was born on 24 September 1534. His father name was Hari Das and his mother was Anup Devi. Guru Ram Das Ji become the forth sikh guru on 30 August 1574.

Following are some facts about Guru Ram Das Ji

1. Early Life & Married Life
In the Childhood his name was Bhai Jetha. He got married to Bibi Bhani who was the daughter of Guru Amar Das Ji (The third Sikh guru). The couple had three sons named Prithi Chand, Mahadev and Guru Arjan.

2. Contribution to Sikh Community
Here are several contributions of Guru Ram Dass Ji towards Sikh Community. Guru Ji was the author of Lavan. He intrudes Sikh marriage ceremony in the form of lavan. He was also a planner of the town ramdaspur which is known as Amritsar. He founded the town in 1574 and bought land in 700 rupees. In Amritsar, he build a Gurduara which is known as Darbar Sahib.

3. Anand Karj – Sikh marriage ceremony
During the marriage ceremony the couple circumscribe the Guru Granth Sahib as each stanza of the Lawan is read. The first round is the Divine consent for commencing the householders life through marriage. The second round states that the union of the couple has been brought about by God. In the third round the couple is described as the most fortunate as they have sung the praises of the Lord in the company of saints. In the fourth round the feeling of the couple that they have obtained their hearts’ desire and are being congratulated is described.

4. Lavan
Guru Ram Das composed a beautiful bani called Laavan about the meaning of marriage to a Sikh couple. Effectively, the Guru defines a Sikh marriage as a spiritual union in these two lines: “They are not said to be husband and wife who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in two bodies.”

5. Death
Guru Ram Das died on 1 September 1581, in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. He made Guru Arjan Dev Ji his successor and fifth guru of Sikhs.

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