Facts about Guru Har Rai Ji – The Seventh Guru of Sikhs


Guru Ram Das Ji was the seventh guru of the Sikhs. Guru Ji was born at Kiratpur Sahib, Punjab. Guru Har Rai Ji was born on 16 Jan 1630. His father name was Baba Gurditta Ji and his mother was Mata Nihal Kaur. Guru Har Rai Ji become the seventh Sikh guru on 8 March 1644..

Following are some facts about Guru Har Rai Ji

1. Early Life & Married Life
Guru Har Rai’s father was the son of Sixth Guru Hargobind Ji. Guru Har Rai Ji got married to Mata Kishan Kaur. Who was also known as Bibi Sulakhani. Mata Kishan Kaur was the daughter of Daya Ram. Guru Har Rai Ji had two sons named Baba Ram Rai and Guru Har Krishan Ji.

2. Helped Dara Sikon
Once a time Dara Sikon comes to Guru Har Rai Ji and asked for help. Because his half brother aurangzeb have launched the war against him. Guru Ji promised his grandfather that he used the army only in defense. So Guru Ji agreed to help him. Guru Ji and army very cleverly escape Dara Sikon from the war and no weapon was fired in that war.

3. War with Muslims
After some time when Guru ji was returning from malwa region, the Yarbeg Khan had attacked on Guru Ji’s Khafila. He attacked with one thousand armed men. This attack was faced by Few of guru ji’s Sikhs. Mughal forces suffered heavy loss. Guru Ji rewarded those Sikhs.

4. Established a Ayurvedic Hospital
Guru Har Rai Ji established an ayurvedic hospital in Kiratpur Sahib. He also maintained a zoo here. Once Shikoh fell seriously ill. All the doctors refused him to treat. Then emperor ask guru ji to treat him. Guru ji send some herbs to him and he was recovered.

5. Contributions towards Sih Community
Guru Ji visited various places which include malwa, doaba of punjba, Lahore, Sialkot, Pathankot, Jmmu Kashmir nd many more places where he teaches about Sikhism to number of peoples. Guru Ji also improved the masand system and Mnji system. Guru Ji said that any man who daily reads the Gurus’ shabads shall assuredly obtain peace. Even though he may not fully understand them, God will undoubtedly assist him.

Guru Har Rai Ji died of natural cause in the year 6 October 1661. He appointed his 5 years old younger son Har Krishan as the eighth guru before his death.

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