Facts about Guru Angad Dev Ji – The Second Guru of Sikhs


Guru Angad Dev Ji was the second guru of the Sikhs. Guru Ji was born at Sarae Naga village of Muktsar District. Guru Angad Dev Ji was born on 31 March 1504. His parents were also Hindu and he was called as Bhai Lehna. His father name was Pheru Mal and mother was Mata Ramo. Bhai Lehna was the only son of his parents.

Following are some facts about Guru Angad Dev Ji

1. Married Life
At the age of 16 years. Guru Angad Dev Ji was married to Mata Khivi. He had two sons named Dasu and Datu. Guru Angad Dev Ji also had two daughters named Amro and Anokhi. Bibi Sulakhani was the daughter of Chando Rani and Mūl chand of Batala.

2. First meeting with Guru Ji
Bhai Lehna heard about Guru Nanak Dev Ji from a neighbor who was the follower of Guru Ji. Bhai Lehna was very much inspired by Guru Nanak Dev’s teachings. He was willing to saw Guru ji. He asked his group to visit Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Place. But they all refused. Then one night Bhai lehna went alone to meet Guru Ji. When he reached at the place he saw some people working in the field. He asked Guru Nanak that he want to meet Guru ji. Guru Nanak dev Ji hold his horse and continue ride with him . Bhai lehna sat on horse comfortably. When they reached at home. Guru ji ask him to sit down and he sent Guru Nanak Dev JI. When after fresher up Guruji comes, Bhai Lehna realized his mistake. But Guru ji smiled.

3. True devotion towards Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Bhai Lehna was the true devotee of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He serve Guru ji with all his heart. Here are various stories which shows his true devotion towards Guru ji . some are as under
a) A jug fell in the mud:- Once a jug was fell in the mud. Guru Ji told his sons to pick it up. But both refused because they think its not a task of Guru’s sons. But Bhai Lehna picked the jug wash it completely, filled it with water and offered to Guru ji.
b) Incident of repairing house wall:- One day Guru ji ordered his sons to repair the house wall that was fallen down. But they refused to repair it immediately because of storm chance and too much late. Then Bhai Lehna repaired the wall. Guru Ji asked him to repair it again. Bhai Lehna again repaired it. Then on the third time Guru ji again ask him that it is not straight then without any question Bhai Lehna again repair the wall. Guru Ji’s Son ask him a fool. But this was the true devotion towards Guru ji.
c) Carry three Bundles for cows:- Third incident was where Guru Ji ask his followers and sons to pick three bundles of grass for cows and horses. But they can’t show loyalty. Where Bhai Lehna immediately carry three bundles of grass which were wet and muddy. When they arrived at home. The all mud converted to saffron.
Many more….

4. Become second Sikh guru
Bhai Lehna touched the Guru Nanak’s heart with his true devotion and service. Then one day Guru Ji touched him and named him Guru Angad Dev. In this way Bhai Lehna becomes the next successor of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and second Guru of Sikhs.

Guru Angad Dev Ji died on 29 March 1552. he was forty-seven year old at the time of his death. He nominated Guru Amar Das Ji as the third Guru of Sikhs.

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