Facts about Guru Amar Das Ji – The Third Guru of Sikhs


Guru Amar Das Ji was the Third guru of the Sikhs. Guru Ji was born at Amritsar Punjab. Guru Amar Das Ji was born on 5 May 1479. His father name was Tej Bhan and mother was Mata Lachmi. Guru Amar Das Ji become the third sikh guru on 26 March 1552.His father was a farmer and trader.

Following are some facts about Guru Amar Das Ji

1. Early Life & Married Life
Guru Amar Das Ji was the eldest son of his parents. Guru Amar Das Ji was a shopkeeper in his early life . Guru Amar Das ji was very religious and a hindu. Then he married to Mata Mansa Devi. Guru Ji had four children’s from which two were sons and two daughters. Guru Ji’s sons name were Bhai Mohan and Bhai Mohri and daughters named Bibi Dani and younger daughter named Bibi Bhani.

2. Inspired by holy Hymns of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
One day, Guru Amardas ji heard some hymns of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which were sung by Bibi Amro who was the daughter of Guru Angad Dev Ji. Later on Bibi Amro got married to Guru Amar Das’s brother nephew. Guru Amar Das ji very much inspired by the hymns and decided to see Guru Angad Dev Ji. He was of 61 year old at that time.

3. Adopt Sikhism and become true devotee to Guru Ji
After meeting to Guru Angad Dev Ji,Amar Das was very much inspired by the Nanak’s teachings. He decided to adopt Sikhism and started living there with Guru Ji. He started spending all his time in Guru’s and Sikh community service. He totally lost in this service and had no other interest in his life.

4. Become Third Sikh Guru
At the result of his service and true devotion towards Sikhism. Guru Angad Dev Ji appointed him as his successor and third guru of Sikhs. He was of 73 year old at the time of achieving guruship.

5. Community works
Guru Amar Das Ji started following Guru Angad and Guru Nanak Dev Ji teachings. Guru Ji started Langar Community Kitchen. Guru Ji also started Piri and Manji system by appointing 92 men and 52 women.

Guru Amar Das died on 1 sep 1574 at the age of 95. Before his death, Guru Ji appointed his son-in-law Jetha as successor and renamed him Guru Ram Das.

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