Facts about Sangat Singh Nishaanwalia’s life


Sangat Singh was the son of Chaudhary Sahib Rai and brother of Dasaunda Singh. sagatHe was more powerful and brave in comparison of his brother. Sangat Singh attacked Sirhind for the second time. To Protect the Ambala, he built a brick wall around the town.

Following are some facts about his life

1. He first strted residing in ambala but due to water problem and due to climate that did not suited him. he leave that place.

2. He shifted to Singhanwala. Ambala Territory possession was handed over to his brother in law Dhian Singh. Dhian Singh appointed Gurbakhsh Singh and Lal Singh as the thanedars of Ambala.

3. Dhian Singh went to Singhanwala to meet Sangat Singh. Sangat Singh died very soon.

4. Because of not taking any attention towards Ambala. When he returned he found that Gurbakhsh Singh and Lal Singh were become independent.

5. The number of troops under Sangat Singh was 12,000.

Sangat Singh did not enjoy a long life. He died in the year 1774. His death was due to a natural causes.

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