Facts about Dasaundha Singh’s life


Dasaundha (Saundha) Singh was the son of Chaudhary Sahib Rai. Sahib Rai was a Jat dsauof Gill sub-caste. He was the resident of Surdev that was situated at a distance of 5 kos (15 kms) from Kot Isa Khan.

Following are some facts about his life

1. Dasaundha Singh was lived on land cultivation. He took double-edged sword’s baptism and joined Dal Khalsa.

2. After some time he with his brother founded a village, named Singhanwala. This village was near Zira which was now in Faridkot.they started residing there.

3. In the year 1734, Dasaundha Singh become the leader of the Taruna Dal. He was a strong man, But he was generally appointed to carrying the flag in front of the Dal Khalsa when they have to move from one place to another.

4. All SIkh Jathas respected him very much. Dasaundha Singh also known as Nishanwalia because of this duty.

5. Dasaundha Singh was baptised by Diwan Darbara Singh.

6. He participated in the Sirhind battle in the year 1764.

7. Dasaundha Singh took possession of various territories like Singhanwala, Sarai Lashkari Khan, Sanehwal,Doraha, Zira, Amloh,Liddhar, Shahabad and Ambala.

8. He made ambala his headquarters.

Dasaundha Singh was died in the year 1767 while fighting in the battle of Brars.

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