Facts about Bhai Jivan Singh’s life


Bhai Jivan Singh was born in the year 1649. His previous name was Bhai Jaita. jaitaThe name Bhai Jivan Singh was given by Guru gobind Singh Ji when he took amrit pahul in the year 1699. His cast was scavenger that was given by Guru Gobind Singh.

Following are some facts about Bhai Jivan Singh’s life

1.  Early Life
His mother name was Kanno and father name was Sada Chand. He got the name Jag Chand by his parents at the time of his birth. All called him with the shorten name Jagu or Jota . He and his younger brother whose name was Bhag Chand were the  Guru Har Rai’s disciples. At that time Guru Har Rai Ji was resided in the Sivalik hills.

2. A True Sikh Devotee
After that Guru Ji shifted to the village of Jhanda Ramdas along with their parents. At there they stayed with Bhai Gurditta who was Bhai Buddha’s great-greatgrandson. As Bhai Gurditta was arrested in Delhi. At that time Bhai Jaita was sent to give that news to him.

3. It was Bhai Jaita who brought Guru Ji’s head to Anandpur Sahib
When Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded in public, Jivan Singh was in Delhi. When no one came forward to claim the body,this was only Bhai Jaita who succeeded to escape from the guards. He took Guru Ji’s head and start his journey to Anandpur. When he reached at Anandpur Guru Gobind Singh Ji Himself received him with much honour. After that incident he started living at Anandpur. There he become the first drum beater on Guru Ji’s Raniit Nagara set up.

4. Married Life
In the year 1691, Bhai Jaita got married to Raj Kaur who was the daughter of Sujan Singh. Four sons were born to Bhai Jaita. Then in the year 1699, He received the amrit pahul from Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Bhai Jaita New name was now Bhai Jivan Singh.

5. A Brave Soldier
He had unequall qualities of a soldier so he trained Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s two elder sons. Bhai Jivan Singh took part in various battles of Guru Gobind Singh Ji against the mughals and hill chiefs.

In the Chamkaur battle Bhai Jivan Singh fell a martyr in the year 1705. A burj was build on that site in his memory.

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    Your website is superb. Bhai Jaita SIngh was really a great and dedicated SIkh.

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