Facts about Guru Har Krishan JI’s Life


Guru Har Krishan Ji was born in the year 1656 at Kiratpur Sahib, Punjab.He was born to harGuru Har Rai Ji and Kishan dei.Kishan Dei was also called as Mata Sulakhni. Guru Har Krishan Ji was the eighth of the Sikhs. Guru Har Rai Ji appointed Guru Har Krishan ji as Guru rather then his son Ram Rai who was elder,on 7 October 1661. Guru Har Krishan ji age was just 5 year at that time.

1. Appointed as eight Guru of Sikhs
It is said that when Sikh devotees ask to Guru Har Rai Ji about the next Guru from his both sons Ram Rai and Guru Har Krishan Ji. Then Guru Ji replied that both of his son are able for the guru designation. but Guru Har Krishan Ji is very soft hearted whether Ram Rai had rough heart. Guru Ji said that softness is very important quality of a Guru.So in this way Guru Har Krishan Ji becomes the youngest Sikh guru in the age of 5 year.

2. Miracle By Guru Har Krishan Ji
At a place Panjokhra, Haryana,Some peoples were in doubt about the eight guru as a small child. At there a pandit challenge guru ji to explai and translate the Bhagvad Gita’s Sanskrit verses. At that time, Sanskrit was not easy to learn by minor peoples. Pandit brought a completely illiterate man with mental disability . his name was Gangu Jheevar. A stick was pointed on gangu’s head by Guru Har krishan Ji for blessing. After that he started translating and explaing the Bhagvad Gita with total perfection.

3. Guru Har Krishan Ji was the guest of Raja Jai Singh in Delhi
When Guru Ji reached Delhi, they and their devotees were the guests of Raja Jai Singh. Large number of Sikhs were come to see Guru Har Krishan Ji every day.

4. Helpful to the needy peoples
A smallpox was expanding in Delhi. Guru Ji helped many sick peoples and tried to heal them. Guru Har Krishan ji was a very soft and kind hearted man. He served the ill persons. It is said by peoples that Guru Ji have taken smallpox upon himself.

5. Appointed his successor
In the year 1664, Guru Har Krishan Ji have to decided the name of his successor. Guru Ji demanded five coins and a coconut. Guru Ji took them and waved his hand three times in the air. After that he said Baba Bakala which means his successor was to be found in Baba Bakala town.

Guru Ji refused to have any treatment.After some time,Guru Har Krishan Ji died because of smallpox. His age was just 8 years.The Bangla Sahib Gurduara in Delhi was built on the place where sick peoples were helped by Guru Ji. Guru Har Krishan Ji died at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi.

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