Facts about Sahibzada Jhujhar Singh’s Life


Sahibzada Jujhar Singh was the second son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He was born to jhujharMata Sundari ji. She was also called Mata Jito ji. He was born at Anandpur on 27 September 1691. He has all qualities of his brother Ajit Singh. He got training in the Gatka and other fighting skills. He also started learning religious texts when he was just about 4 to 5 years. In 1699,he received the holy Amrit in the age of eight years.

Following are some facts about Sahibzada Ajit Singh’s life

1. A Young soldier
In 1705, when they have to leave Anandpur Sahib. Jujhar Singh’s age was just 15 years. But he was an strong and fearless young warrior. he successfully crossed the Sarsa with many others. they reached to Chamkaur Sahib. Jujhar Singh participated in the battle that was on next day. they were in the garhi where Guru Gobind Singh Ji took shelter along with his 2 sons and 40 Sikhs.

2. Very Helpful to needy peoples
Sahibzada Jujhar Singh had all qualities that his brother Ajit Singh have. He is very well trained in various arts.He always help to needy peoples who come for justice to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

3. A Brave Soldier
In 1705, when Mughal forces surrounded Anandpur Sahib, Jhujhar Singh displayed his qualities of steadfastness and courage. At last when Mughal official give them assurance that they only want Anandpur and if they leave Anandpur they will not harm anyone. After this on the night, Anandpur was vacated on 3-4 December 1705. But the Mughals broke their promise and attacked on them. Jhujhar Singh with his family and all sikhs crossed the Sarsa. They took position in a garhi that was a high walled house. They threw a tight ring around Chamkaur. Jhujhar Singh take part in the next day Battle on 7 December 1705.

4. Jhujhar Singh and Sikhs fought bravely
Because of the unequal war, Sikhs divided themselves into five batches. each batch has 5 Sikhs. All these 5 batches go for fighting one by one to engage the enemies. Jhujhar Singh led the one batch.

5. Death while fighting
Jhujhar Singh was the leader of one batch. He fought bravely and laid down his life in this battle. Jujhar Singh laid down near the place where his brother was fall earlier. he was just 15 yera old when he gave his life for Khalsa. Gurdwara Qatalgarh was built and have marks the spot where Jhujhar Singh and Ajit Singh fell. An fair is held on every year there.

The martyrdom of both Sahibzada Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh in the Chamkaur battle is substantiated by a contemporary record .

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