Facts about Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji’s life


Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji was born at Paonta Sahib in the year 1687 to Guru ajitGobind Singh ji and Mata Sundari Ji. Guru Gobind Singh Ji  returned to Anandpur with his family. At here Ajit Singh was in the proper Sikh style. Ajit Singh Ji was taught religious  history,texts and philosophy.philosophy. Ajit Singh Ji also got training in swordsmanship, riding and archery. When He grew up, he was a  very handsome, intelligent and strong young man. He was the natural leader of all men.

Following are some facts about Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji’s life

1. Ajit Singh Ji’s 1st achievement was in just 12 year age
After the Khalsa’s creation that was on 30 March 1699, Ajit Singh Ji got opportunity for his first skill test. A Sikh who was looted and attacked by Ranghars. It was happened when he was coming from pothohar. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji was sent by Guru Gobind Singh ji to that village. Ajit Singh Ji was just 12 years old at that time. Ajit Singh Ji reached there with 100 Sikhs on 23 May 1699. He punished those Ranghars and recovered all property that was looted by them.

2. Also successful in hill chiefs attack
In the following year hill chiefs attacked on Anandpur. Imperial Mughal troops supported them. Taragarh Castle was the first target of attack. Ajit Singh Ji was appointed to defense it. This was happened in 29 august 1700,according to the Bhai Vahis Ji. Bhai Ude Singh Ji who was a seasoned soldier assisted Ajit Singh Ji. In the Nirmohgarh battle in October 1700,he also fought bravely.

3. Very Helpful to needy peoples
Guru Gobind Singh Ji instructed Ajit Singh Ji on 7 March 1703. Ajit Singh led 100 horsemen to Bassi that is a village of Hoshiarpur. He escape a young Brahman bride that was taken away by a local Pathan forcefully. Ajit Singh Ji along with Jhujhar Singh Ji led hundreds of successful wars against Mughals. Both they helping to needy peoples who come for justice to Guru Ji.

4. A Brave Soldier
In 1705, when Mughal forces surrounded Anandpur Sahib, Ajit Singh Ji displayed his qualities of steadfastness and courage. At last when Mughal official give them assurance that they only want Anandpur and if they leave Anandpur they will not harm anyone. After this on the night, Anandpur was vacated on 3-4 December 1705.But the Mughals broke their promise and attacked on them. Ajit Singh Ji with his family and all Sikhs crossed the Sarsa. They took position in a garhi that was a high walled house. They threw a tight ring around Chamkaur. A battle was happened on 7 December 1705.

5. Death while fighting
Ajit Singh Ji was the leader of one sallies. He fought bravely and laid down his life in this battle. Jujhar Singh Ji was also died in this battle while fighting to enemies. Gurdwara Qatalgarh was built and have marks the spot where Ajit Singh Ji fell. An fair is held on every year there.

The martyrdom of both Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji and Jujhar Singh Ji in the Chamkaur battle is substantiated by a contemporary record .

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